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Triangle Clock


Artist – Jessica Abella

Medium – Wooden clock with resin and gold leaf.

You can loosen the nut on the front to change how you want the clock to sit. Just retighten  and you keep it at the same spot.
Mechanism & hands are interchangeable. Keep away from humid areas. If you have an issue with the mechanism try playing around with the battery it can be finicky.


Jessica Abella, graduated from Montserrat college of art with a BFA in photography. During her time in school she fell in love with working with color. She took multiple painting classes on top of her photography schedule. In 2014 , she  started her business as a photographer but realized she was always focusing on texture and color , eventually  deciding to start painting more. She discovered epoxy and never went back. It was Everything she was looking for between the texture and the mobility.

She loves making abstract art and playing around with new ideas and techniques.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 35 cm


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