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Studying Contemporary Art then working for different Museums like Museo del Prado, Guild Art gallery, Studio x and many such contemporary art spaces in Madrid and Mumbai . Gradually taking onto Sound Performance while working in Madrid after which getting […]

Growth Manager

Having global consultancy experience spanning from India, China, Spain, UK & Hong Kong. Currently headquartered with a team of digital nomads in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in Fuerteventura where we are working on launching some of Europe’s coolest […]


Abhinit Khanna is our inhouse Curator and Consultant. As a creative arts manager, he has worked with leaders across industries including art, campaigns, fashion, publishing, sustainability, cultural and social entrepreneurship. In the past he has worked with Jitish Kallat Studio […]


He has worked as a marketing wizard at Facebook Spain and taken care of the logistics of Galera beach art villas in Fuerteventura and leads the Amazing Travel group with his expertise in marketing and Logistics in the Canary Islands.

Interior Designer

She is interested in exploring typology in everyday objects / nature / human primitive experiences and translate observation with different method. With playful design language and poetic concept approach, she has a multi-disciplinary creative output range from design research/ homeware/ […]

Interior Designer

Product Design Engineer and Interior Designer with restless spirit, defender that it is possible to do anything with dedication and energy. Always inclined to tell stories through objects, my work focuses on bringing awareness to sustainability and contemporary issues. Being […]

Design consultant

A creative and driven spatial designer with 6+ years of professional experience, working within the fields of fashion, beauty, sport, performance, hospitality as well as other areas in between. Experience working in London, Paris, Venice and Seville, including 1 year […]

Social media

She has worked with Master of nutrition who starts the day by stretching and a cup of warm coffee, with a passion for photography and moving the body to the rhythm of music, developing creativity in social media. She uses […]

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