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Curation and Art Consultancy

We curate works of emerging artists from different parts of the world. And have an in-house consultancy for different studios and buyer collections.

Affordable Art

Art is meant to be accessible. We want to make art available to everyone, a collection that does not dig a hole in your pocket.

Conscious design

Our lives are defined by our choices, and most importantly for the environmental decisions through the objects and things you have in your home. Our environmental art section curates it with consciousness.


Supporting and encouraging the artist community through a vibrant and inclusive selection of works.


Our team consists of a diverse set of people from Innovation to create immersive art experiences, Technology to build the reach and from the Contemporary art business to bring you the most enticing works.

Creative Projects

Our collaborations spans from art villas in the canary islands to the upcoming museum tie-ups.

Curation and Art Consultancy

We curate works of different mediums from emerging artists across the world. And consult different businesses and buyers on their new collections.

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