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Matryoshka dolls


Artist – Alexey Kobzev

Materials: wood, basswood, waxed, linden, natural, holz

Set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside another (3 pcs)
– Unique clip carving style – Zencarving
– The biggest Matryoshka is 110 mm height x 50 mm diameter (4,3″ x 1,96″), the smallest – 50 mm height x 22 diameter (4,3″ x 0.86″)
– All of the Matryoshkas are made of basswood and waxed



Alexey  Kobzev is a woodcarver and his  style is based on miniature chip carving which he calls zencarving because is takes a lot of time and skills – even a small mistake could destroy what you create.


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