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Inspiration and creative expression are the basis of human evolution and some of the most amazing discoveries and innovations. We may get engrossed in the daily nitty-gritty of life, however, if art and creative expression deprive our daily existence, there can be felt a crucial missing ingredient in the recipe for a good life.

Fuerteventura Times strongly stands for and vouches for all forms of artistic expression, because of our core belief in the ability of each human being and the fact that each one of us has something exceptional to create, to inspire to bring to life.

In the hope to fuel this inspiration of personal creativity, we are ecstatic to announce an official collaboration with Art-Throng- a global contemporary art curatorial think-tank whose mission is to make art in all its expressions available across cross-cultural platforms.

Under the segment of Artistry by Fuerteventura Times, we will now be bringing you access to spellbound creativity in forms of articles, news, illustrations, digital exhibitions, interviews, podcasts and virtual museum tours with this dynamic art association with Art-Throng.

A snippet of Online Art Auctions by Art-Throng
Fuerteventura Times collaborates with Art-Throng to curate art features and editorial for the segment of Artistry where the magazine focuses on prose, creative expression, typography, design, sculptures, photography and music

“Fuerteventura- its volcanoes, its oceans, the beauty and depth has inspired so many artists, innovators, writers and authentic creative expressions, including me, that this collaboration for curating the Artistry segment for Fuerteventura Times is a perfect confluence of a volcanic art revolution about to erupt”, expresses the art director & founder of Art Throng- Akanksha Krishnani.

With the association with Art-Throng, Fuerteventura Times aims to bring forward works and artistic expression from Fuerteventura and the world making art accessible to all while introducing new artists and mediums to inspire the magazine´s community of readers, listeners, viewers.

What is Art Throng?

“At Art Throng,  we cover the works of different artists and designers from across the world , ranging varied mediums. We started with a special focus on Artists from the Middle-East and Asia-Pacific and now we are expanding our reach to the whole world. For this new phase, we are also collaborating with different museums across the world to bring to you a special editorial about museum culture through prose and curated content exclusively on Fuerteventura Times”, adds Akanksha.

” During the first Phase of Art Throng, we focused on art partnerships and art dealings with artists around the world and in this second phase, we will be starting with artist, designer, innovator interviews and features from world artists, designers, innovators, sound composers as well as the inspiring creators, musicians, and artists of Fuerteventura. Getting you the detailed craft of our selected artists to unravel their personal stories, inherent motives, and initial visions behind the works and why they create the way they do. “

A Feature of Art Throng´s Online Auctions in a well known contemporary art magazine in Asia pacific.

Fuerteventura Times is honored to associate with Art Throng to bring the access of global artists to the island´s community of readers, viewers, listeners world over, through inspiring content, collaborative projects, and creative workshops under the segment Artistry.

Here is a snippet of some of the artists whose works Art-Throng has been promoting globally and is now about to bring their access to our readers, viewers and listeners of Fuerteventura Times.

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